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How to apply


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a chance that the exam in August may be moved to Friday 21st, or possibly cancelled if the situation does not improve.

You are strongly advised NOT to book travel or accommodation until the situation becomes clearer.

1. Read the rules and information about the examination first.

Before you begin please read the rules and information.

2. Create an account on EBOPRAS website using the link at the end of this text.

To be able to do this, you will need:

An email address. It will become your account name. We will also use it in corresponding with you about the exam

Your passport or identity document, which must be the one you bring to the examination

• the date when you started training in Plastic Surgery
• the date when you finished or expect to finish your training

Your mobile phone number
, including country code, in case we urgently need to contact you in relation to the examination

If you are a trainee, you also need

• the name of your training programme
• the name and email address of your programme director

If you are a specialist you will need

• a copy of your specialist diploma

You are advised to have all these above items ready before you start to create an account.

3. Checking your documents

After you have completed your application, you will be asked to check all the information you have provided. Once you have approved it, the following happens:

If you are a trainee your application needs to be approved by your director of training and the your national EBOPRAS delegate.

If you are a specialist in Plastic Surgery your application needs to be approved by your national EBOPRAS delegate.

Fort his purposed they will be sent emails with links to check your facts.

4. Paying the examination fee and choosing the examination date

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email which will allow you to pay the fee and select the date on which you wish to sit the examination. If you have already passed Part 1, you will beoffered the chance to sit Part 2.

Fees for the EBOPRAS Examination for candidates in a UEMS (associated) member country:

Part1 €400

Part2 €450